NEW ALBUM - Postcards (CD)

  • NEW ALBUM - Postcards (CD)

This is the first pressing of Weatherworn's New Album 'Postcards' (CD). The album was released digitally on June 4th, 2021.

'Postcards' (CD) is stored in a 4-panel jewel case.

Track listing:

1. Debt. Error. Action. Display.
2. Last Rites
3. You Had Me At Hello
4. Head In Hands
5. Pigeon Holes
6. Jets To Muncy (ft. AJ Perdomo)
7. Open Casket
8. The Patron Saint of Hopeless Cases
9. Postcards
10. Admire the Quiet

Produced by W. Beasley
Mixed/Mastered by J. Naclerio
Illustrations by C. Podish